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Is he interested or not?!? Friends or more??

Published on August 1, 2010 by erin021378

I've been hanging out with a man I grew up with for about 2 months now. We reconnected through Facebook, and now we spend almost every day off of work together. We go out to dinner, drink good beer, watch movies, stay up late listening to music and talk about everything! It's relaxing and fun- but I can't help but wonder how normal this is!! I am VERY attracted to him. I guess I feel like that is obvious- but he doesn't seem to pick up on it. We have been talking more and more about sex lately; little innuendos and joking about birth control... and when he leaves we always hug. But nothing more. I feel like I'm in the friend zone, but it's killing me. We have so much in common!!!

So, do men spend that much time with women that they aren't even a little interested in?? And he's not gay...