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Is he interested or just plain clueless?

Published on May 1, 2010 by gorgeousguru

I know people say to go with your instinct, but this one is harder than Math and im pretty darn good with that. A few weeks earlier, this man sat on my couch and told me he wanted to be my "friend." For us to be loyal to each other but to cease intimacy. I was cool with that. But deep down I really wasn't. So, he didn't show interest. I decided to test him. On 4/20, I invited him to the park. i dressed up kinda cute sundress and when he arrived he didn't take the time to compliment me. Needless to say; I didn't like the way the night went: He didn't open my door for me, didn't walk me to my door that night, didn't ask me if I was hungry BEFORE he began eating AND he never asked me anything about myself. So, on 4/22; since I was still testing him I text him asking if he was sleep: He called me. Stayed on the phone every bit of 5 mins. Then he never called back. I vowed I wouldn't call again or text. Now, its 8 days later since I've ignored him and he says "I guess you're done talking to me." I basically played it off...He knew damn well he didn't call me back and I told him "you never called me back to see why either." He ALWAYS text and im not the one to do this since I believe if a man is interested, NO MATTER HOW BUSY he will MAKE TIME to call the woman he wants to pursue. Is this guy interested and just "checking to see" if someone is taking his spot, or is he really clueless on how to pursue a woman? I am open to any and all criticism. Thanks!