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Is he hiding something from me?

Published on December 8, 2009 by emotional connecter

Okay well, lately I've been a little suspicious of my boyfriend...Last month while my boyfriend was sleeping, he received a text I decided to look at it...When i got into the deleted section of his phone there were all of these texts that came from the same number...this number did not have a name to go with i became curious...and i began reading the was a girl whom he was talking to and it seems as though she was trying to get in contact with a friend, but people do change their numbers and my boyfriend ended up replying back and starting this whole conversation with her...they exchanged information like their names, how old they were, where they lived, and so forth...coincidently after my boyfriend tells her where he lives she sends a text back saying shes on her way there...and if i remembeer correctly one of of them requested to find another way of contacting eachother instead of through texts such as email...and now all of a sudden my boyfriend is continuously deleting his history log on the, he does not know that i am aware of this girl...becuase i have just been observing him in the quiet...and now i am full of questions in need of answers,,,today he had the house to himself since i was at school and when i came home i checked the history to find nothing because it was all deleted... though there were still open links on our browser to myspace and such...therefore hes clearly been using the internet today but for whatever reason he deleted his tracings...bothered and curious from having to keep all this to myself i went ahead and sent him a my text, i simply asked why the history log is always being deleted when he never use to do that before and if at all he was trying to hide something from me...i said i was not accusing him, i was simply just curious because it was something i noticed and so i thought to ask...because it bothers me to think that there is that possibility where he really could be hiding something from me...his reply was "it actually is the virus scanner...when it scans it deletes things like the history so dont be coming at me like im hiding shit..." and i have quoted that word for im not a computer whizz at all, but to my understanding a virus scanner would not delete your history log...would it?!? and even so i took his reply as being a little if there is really nothing to hide then i say theres no need for defensiveness on his part but to simply answer the question in truth...i do not buy it but i have left it as it is till i can do some research for myself...though i am not a whizz on the computer, my boyfriend is...he knows way too much and that is why i am so hesitant with his answer because he probably feels and and im sure is quite capable of hiding and coveriing up whatever it may be...that is why i do not know how to go about handling this...he is obviously knowledgeable with using the computer as i am not, so there is lots of room for him to be hiding something from me without my knowing or blindly not seeing...does anyone know anything about computers to help reassure me in any way? or any advice? suggestions? do you believe his answer? what do you think his actions are saying? as you can see any feedback would do me some good right now...i feel completely clue me in...everyone...please...


Well, you found what you didn't want to find. Even though he's deleting the history, you already saw where he's established communications with someone else-behind your back, I might add.

It's really interesting about the virus scanner. Does it delete the history when you're done with it? The easiest way to find out is to check the schedule for the virus scan. See what time it's set for, and that should tell you if it's automatically doing it...or not.

I think you have a cheater on your hands.

His answer is not legit. There is obviously something behind this. Communication in a relationship is KEY! without that you will get no where. If he answers your question offensively then its true. If he is answering to your text like that there isnt any respect as well. I think confront him about this whole situation and get to the bottom of it. be firm with him so he knows you are serious. Also, be persistant until you get the answer or responce you have been fishing for. Say wat is on your mind about this and if he wants to say something dont let him because if you let him talk thats showing him hes the dominent one. If that goes well then talk about his reply to your text. You deserve respect. If it doesnt go well on the other hand, let it go..move on because there is no communication and there probably never will be. good luck!

Try dropping in when he thinks you would not be there, exploring possibilities to catch him red handed. you should act fast on this becoz if it is only figment of your imagination not much harm has been done in terms of your relationship with him. But if he is into this, you can confront and stop him may be he just got carried away. Look at history has he always been like this, if yes then better decide now what would be the next best thing for you.

What you need to know about the computer for, if you want him, you have to dump him now! Dump him! He is hiding things, one thing I learned no matter what you tell him you know, he's not going to admit it, men privately know this, they don't admit anything, even when their caught red handed some still don't admit it, you have enough info, you are just scared to take the next step. Don't accuse him, just tell him, you already know and it has been proving you are not answering any questions, you just need him to go or you go and thats why you are leaving and until he can admit it or win your trust back you don't want anything to do with him, thats it! And leave him, for at least two weeks until he begs you back or tells you the truth, its the only way. Hope it turns out well for you!