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He falls asleep when Im trying to arouse him...Is this normal?

Published on April 17, 2009 by elizabeth41

We have been dating for six months.Our first time sleeping together was not the greatest One week after we first became intimate he was in a car accident and broke his ribs. During the healing process we used other means of pleasuring each other.When we finally could make love again it took us awhile to figure out what worked for each other and in the last month we have finally got it but lately he has been working overtime(12 hour days ) and when we do finally get alone time together I start to get him aroused to take it further and he will fall asleep on me. Then I get mad and if he tries to wake me up for sex in the morning I will cut him off.I feel that if he was that into me he would be able to stay awake to give me what I want. He says that it relaxes him when I'm doing it and he cant help it .What can i do to get him to stay awake ?


A Lot of guys wake up with ~the need~. You are playing tit for tat, not good! After a 12 hour shift, drive home, etc. Stop the "You don't for me so I won't for you!" He is a guy! If he is falling asleep when he has the opportunity for sex, esspecially after any length of time, then his excuse is legitimate, or your doing too much soft foreplay. You're not doing it in the morning is just being bitchy! Either way, don't complain about lack of sex if it is only on your terms! Give him his morning, and pounce at night. He will come around.

First it was him falling asleep, then it was me (different times, but working a lot of hrs.). Now we do it whenever we have a moment to ourselves. It is relaxing after along day to have someone you love rubbing and touching you. While it can excite you, it can also lull you to sleep. Try to be very quick at night. wake up early for sex and time to cuddle.

Justin falls asleep attimes, but he also has 14hr workdays, but I start it, and believe me, depending on the woman's moves he will wake up enjoy what your'e doing and go back to sleep afterwards. I agree, dont play Tit 4 Tat!

I agree. He is trying to work with you! Work with him. If he wakes up and is ready then, why can't you be ready then?