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He doesn't respond, its not in person.

Published on January 4, 2010 by d'lush

There's this guy I got to know at the gym I go to, however he's not there anymore since he got transfered to another location by the same gym since he's a trainer. Not because of that for the reason I'm attracted to him, its the person he is.

One day I found him on facebook. Since then I had the interest to know him more since this is outside the gym. I got to know a bit, but not enough. I know I don't ask him personal things because I see he has a girlfriend which I'm completely fine with. I wish he didn't though. I try to send messages asking him about how he is, how long has been in his job, holidays, what's new with him and so on. It makes me wonder alot why he doesn't answer back when things I said is not deep, offending or personal.

He claims that he's not on so often, but I see that he WAS JUST on a few hours ago. I know I never said or done anything bad to him. I never ask about his gf which I know is none of my business.

My point: Why he doesn't answer my simple questions the next time he gets on? I had to try something, so for a short while now I have made and been using a fake profile in order for him to speak. Which works. Is it the attraction that gets him to talk? The picture of the fake profile is an Asian girl among my friends. He's not attracted to me that I don't look Asian enough? What's going on?

If it helps. I'm 25 and he's 33.