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He deleted me from EVERYTHING??!!!

Published on May 6, 2010 by gorgeousguru

Personally, I think its kinda funny...LOL But I'd love people and their opinions so here goes:

I was seeing someone for about 4 months. He asked me out ONCE and that was 4 months ago. Anywho, we never went out, he wasn't chivalrous, he was kinda rude, and he didn't seem interested in me. So I deleted him from different social networking sites. A couple nights ago, we had a long conversation. He asked me to re-add him. I did. Now, its barely three days later and he's erased me. He once came to my home and asked me to be "faithful to him" but that he didn't want "titles." I said that's not what I want but I can respect it....YEA RIGHT! I feel like my life doesn't go on hold for him or anyone else. In between that time, never did he ask me out, he called me ONCE and now I think he's just jealous that it was advertised on my page that I went on a date. So he turned around and deleted ME! This is so high school. WHY would he be jealous when he knew he wasn't doing anything for me? Why would he CARE when he never put his best foot forward? This is a interesting situation....


Had a similiar situation. He deleted me as well. Then a few months later he made contact again and did it again. SMDH as I LMAO! You know as well as I do that he is a weak man and can't believe that you are so desperate for HIM that you would even consider anyone else. There is nothing like a fool and he wants you to be his. Maintain that associate attitude toward him and keep it moving. PS- shift it into a higher gear so that there is no way he can catch you at a bad time.