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Is he cheating ?

Published on June 2, 2010 by smichelle

Lately me and my boyfriend have not been spending time together. The other day we didnt speak for the whole day and I begin to get worried about him .He has never done a such thing . So when I finally got in contact with him I was upset and his excuse was that he was at his family home and he left his phone at home . I know him very well he never goes anywhere without his phone . I want to believe him but apart of me feels like he was with someone else . It also makes me alarm because he tried to make it seem like I was making a fuss with him about him hanging out with his family . Which means his gulity of something . He also told me if I say or blame him that he is cheating then he will never speak to me again and he will go and cheat . That statement to me means that he is already cheating . I'm so torn What should I do ?


hi. my opinion is that you shoud have a deep conversation with him. try and get him to talk to you about it. see if anything is bothering him about your relationship. if not i would also begin to assume he has been ch, but if this has only happened once, maybe you should have trust in him that maybe he did leave his phone just this once. trust is always the best. i wish the best for you.

maybe he's on the road of cheating.. Try to talk to him about your status in personal, so you would know if he's been lying or not.. I think you knew him since his your boyfriend.