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He changed after his mother had died. Whats going on???

Published on June 14, 2014 by dana400

My coworker's mom was sick and I have spent time with her when he asked me to be there for them. She was a sweety and we spent some great moments (me and her). After she died, my coworker started to act different towards me. He used to be flirty in the past too, but now he doesnt miss a chance to hug me, kiss me, touch me... He even touched my belly (?!) the other day. He sent me a sms asking if we could go out for a drink sometimes. And then, when I asked about his sister he said: "You can come visit us one day?" I said yes to both of the questions, but he never really asked me out. The fact is that my father also died 10 days before his mom. And maybe he doesnt want to rush anything, but maybe he is just playing games. What is the truth?


Hello dana400,

First please accept my condolences on the death of your father. How are you dealing with your grief?

Especially in the midst of your own grief it was quite lovely of you to be there to support your coworker through the illness and death of his mother. I’m so glad to hear you and she had some great moments. Sounds like it was very comforting for each of you.

Now to your question about his offer to go out for a drink. It could be he doesn’t know if you’re ready to go out since your dad’s death.

So, write back to him and say, ‘Thanks again for the offer to go out for a drink. I’d love to. When would you like to go?’ Or you could say, ‘Thanks again for the offer to go out for a drink. I’d love to. I’m available on Saturday.’

This will quickly tell you if he’s serious or not. Write to me and let me know what happens.

Coach Christine Your Tango Expert