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He caught my eye

Published on April 2, 2012 by nesa

I had a few words with a boy that I knew at university on the internet  'n he started talking to me as if he was into me!well...maybe coz he admired me alot I felt he was...Then from the first time I kept waiting till I could have a word with him.He looked handsome and seemed ideal to me! but he didn' act just like the first time we had talked to each other.After two weeks( coz I couln't stop thinking bout him) I told him that I care bout him 'n he is the only boy in the universe that is important to me...I didn' say anything more coz I wasn't sure about my own feelings....he really didn' react in a special way but finally I asked him if he had a gf or sth.He said yes I am in a relationship but it's not serious 'n I felt somehow bad coz I hate to get involved with a boy when he already has a gf 'n I didn like to be like those girls who steal someone else's bf! Although I hadn't said anything special I apologized 'n told him if I knew he had a gf I wouln't tell hem that I care about him! Now I still like to talk to him but I jus cntl myself...the question is : Did I do the right thing?Was it wrong to tell a boy I care about u?  


You can still talk to him. There is nothing wrong with being friends with a guy that has a girlfriend. If you're only goal is to become his girlfriend, then you may want to try talking to other guys. He says that it's not that serious, but what does she think? Either way it goes, he is in a relationship. If you two ever do get together, you wouldn't want him telling someone that you two are in a relationship, but it's nothing serious. I'm sure that more guys will come to the university and you will get more options.

The point is after the day I told him that I cared about him he doesn't act like before!now I think I shouldn't have told him that....this makes me feel bad...thnx for your advice anyway

It's always dangerous to tell a man you care for him before he says that same to you. It's not wrong, it just usually backfires and makes him run away rather than getting closer.

Well...I have felt this alittle bit,now I'm sad coz I feel I've made him run away...How do u think I can make it up?by keeping the distance?I mean being silent until he does sth?I truely like him...I don' know what to do:(

Just use some self-control and go on with life being cheerful and say nothing. Act as if you never revealed your heart. Remember the old saying, "If you love something, let it go. If he comes back he's yours; it he doesn't, he never was."

You'll know 6 months from now. Let time pass.