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He broke my heart, why is he contacting me?

Published on June 16, 2009 by cupcake

I'm confused. My ex-boy broke up with me about a month ago. We never had an argument and this came out of nowhere.

He "said" it was one of the hardest things because he cared for me so much and he had seen me in his future, but he was lost and didn't know what he wanted. He seemed sincere in what he was telling me as well as torn and sad.

I've been overanalyzing my breakup to no end. Just as I'm trying to move on, he sends me an e-mail saying he's been thinking about me and alluded that he may want to call me.

What I'm confused about is why he contacted me. I was devastated when we broke up and did not contact him until he e-mailed me and I responded back. Now, nothing. What's he "fishing" around for?


Sweet heart It sounds like he wants to date on his time. I don't know if it's all bout sex or not but what ever you do, don't let him pull the strings. Don't go back untill you have a straight answer. Start off just as friends.

Do you want to be jerked around by this guy again? It sounds like he still doesn't know what he wants and this cycle is going to repeat itself. If you want to date him again, you need to go in knowing that a) his being a jerk has nothing to do with you and b) this could happen again.

Know your limits. You deserve to be treated better than this.

Hi this happened to me almost one year ago. And guess what, i'm still being strung along. It was almost exactly what you described. He cried when he broke up with me b/c he cared about me so much but knew that he was too lost and confused to continue our relationship. I was a fool in love. And to this day i still love him very much, he's a wonderful person just one problem, he is one lost puppy. He will be starting at a new college this fall (after 2 years of college in a major that was wrong for him) So he's got a lot on his plate and I understand that he is worried about his future and that plays a big part in why he just isnt sure about his romantic future. But let me give you some advice i wish i had taken. Move on. He wont forget you, obviously you meant a lot to him. Experience what else is out there, even if its only purpose is to prove that he really is the one you want--have fun! If he truly wants you he needs to get serious and figure it out! Dont sit around and wait for him and definitely dont let him string you along. Like i said for me its been almost a year now, and because i let him go back and forth on me for so long its even harder for me to walk away NOW as it would have been if i had just walked away when we broke up. What i know works: Give him the time alone that he needs to figure his life out, leave him alone and move on as best as you can trust me if you two are meant to be together your future relationship will be that much more successful if you have given your heart the time to heal, and his heart the time to grow up. Hope this helps because i know just what youre going through

Thank you for the responses. I hear you. I was/am moving on. It just threw me for a loop that he contacted me and, since it's only been a few weeks, all the emotions of the breakup and all the "whys" came flooding back. I guess him not responding back to me tells me he's still confused (maybe he didn't think I would answer him back). He is a good guy and I have nothing but great memories (with the exception of him breaking up with me). I just need to get back up on my feet and keep moving forward.