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He broke up with me, but then why wont he leave me alone?

Published on November 27, 2012 by amberxxalert

I dated this guy for a year and a half, but he broke it off with me a few months ago. About a month afterwards, he started calling and texting again, wantingto hang out. Unfortunately, since i still had deep feelings for him, i agreed to it. We started off just trying to be friends, but then he told me that he hd feelings for me still and yet he didnt want to get back into a relationship. He stayed with me at my place for three weeks straight (we'd lived together for a year before breaking up) and we were almost acting as if we were a couple again. And yet he still does not want to commit. He backtracked and said he wanted to be be friends...but then continued to act like we were a couple. I kept telling him that it was just too painful for me to be his friend, but i couldnt resist the happiness i felt when we were acting like we were together...and he kept saying he still had why, if he still has feelings, and were basically together without the label, wont he commit? 


He won't commit because he just wants to be your FWB. Don't be a doormat. He doesn't want the same things as you, so you're going to have to dump him once and for all, as much as it hurts. He is using you and doesn't care about your feelings. You need to start seeing him as the player scumbag that he is. When you break up with him, you need to tell him to never contact you again so that you can have closure. Your future relationship with a man will go downhill if you're communicating with an ex. You need to stop now, so you can move on with your life. You're worthy of someone who is so crazy about you that he wants you all to himself, and wants the commitment that you do. You won't be available for this wonderful man if you're still on the merry-go-round with this nowhere man. Good luck.

Because he wants his cake and eat it too! Guess you can't blame him, trying to get away with it. You must stop giving up the goods, and no longer allow him the luxury of being your man unless he commits to being your man. He will do this as long as you let him. If he refuses, you've no choice, kick'em to the curb!