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He asked for space, is there hope?

Published on February 15, 2014 by venus1173

Me and this guy have been dating for 5 months, but we broke up because we argued a lot.

After 2 weeks of being broken up, we spent time together Sunday and it went really really well. We didn't argue at all. We talked Monday and Tuesday. I asked what was the status of our relationship and he then told me he wanted to keep hanging out and talking and see where it was going but he did meet someone the day before. We argued again. I asked why and he says at the time he didn't know what he wanted and despite our good night things haven't changed with me and I was still arguing and accusing him. He doesn't want to go through what we went through before. I asked what did he want and he asked for time to himsef and space so he can breathe and think about us and he'll call when he's ready to talk.


There is still Hope! Read what my friend, Doherty has to say about the prophet."My name is Doherty and I've known Jack for years, infact we grew up together. We've always been a happy couple until June 2013, when things started getting weird between us; he was obviously losing interest in me. In my quest to find a solution to the weirdness, I searched online for love tips because I love & care about him deeply and I just want us to be happy. While searching for tips, I came across one of PROPHET HARR KRISHAN's testimonials. Well, I mailed him and he prayed for me, he also told me what to do for FREE!!!!! A week later, Jack came home with a marriage ring, promising me, heaven and earth. Now, we as happy as we've always been. Prophet Harr did all this for FREE!!!!!!!!! he charged me NOTHING!!! He is a true Prophet. His mail is Thank You, Father." So dear sister, there is hope for you, just reach out to the Prophet!!