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Have I freaked him out?

Published on August 6, 2010 by hmc152

Met this guy a week ago- everything clicked. Spent alot of time together and we seem to have the same goals and spiritual things in life, but now hes distancing himself. Im confused. Ive been out of the dating world for a while and just kinda fell back in when I met him. Hes cooked dinner for me, Ive spent the night- so sex- and he is waiting for the one. He got tipsy the other night and said the 3 words. I didnt know how to react and laughed it off was my reaction cold? I really like this guy but wondering if we started off to strong and now hes freaked out, need opinions onthe matter


He's doing this to see how you'll react. Its just like weaning a child: Put them on the pedestal for the first year and then pull back to see how independent they are without you.

The whole "I Love You" was a test. He is trying to see how "Emotionally Needy" you are toward him so early on. And nine out of ten; you are giving him just the right reaction by contacting him let alone asking this very question online.

This is what you do....


When he calls, don't be available. When he text, text back after a few hrs. He's playing hard to get so that he will have to chase you. Men are hunters by nature. So girlfriend let him do his THANG!

Good luck!