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Has My Girlfriend Cheated?

Published on September 10, 2013 by marcusw

Basically two weeks ago now on my girlfriends birthday she went out with friends (I was unable to go) I stayed in and asked if she was coming home she said yes and asked me to leave a key out I stayed up till 5am and she hasn't come home and shed read but not replied to my text at 4:30am. The next day I woke up and she wasn't home so I sort of kicked off and argued with her asking why she hadn't come home. She said shed gone back to a friends house. I was angry and we continued to argue then I asked if she was coming to see me to sort it out she said she didn't know so I waited a while then asked again and she said no she was going out that night as well so I again flipped y my lid saying why won't you come sort out our relationship? (Wed argued a lot and were on the verge of splitting up as the argument was very heated) she then said why won't you let me go out with my friends? I told her it was about sorting her relationship out she can go out whenever she wants. Then she turned her phone off. The next day I realised she'd deleted me off of snapchat (an application which lets you send pictures with a short message and the pictures are deleted after 10 seconds) so I went and saw her and we talked everything out and sorted it then I asked why she removed me she said because she didnt want to speak to me. So I go on it search her name and add her and see her top friend on it over me and one of her friends who talks to her a lot is the boy she slept with a few weeks before we got together. She slept with him whilst we'd been dating I'd slept with her before she slept with him the same day in fact. So I obviously kicked off as I didn't even know she had him added on snapchat. She said shed deleted it then got it back and that's why he was her top friend on it as all previous friends were removed and he'd been sending messages out on it all day to everyone (you can send one message to lots of people) so I believed her then I deleted it myself and got it back only to find your top friends stays the same. So I confronted her and she said she spoke to him a bit, then it came out as a lot and I mean a hell of a lot all in one night for him to be her top friend on it. So I asked her why she spoke to him and she said it was because we argued and she thought we were going to split up, then I find out she added him on her birthday and spoke to him on her birthday when we were fine and hasn't argued. I then find out he also stayed at her friends house along with a few others. So I then asked her why she did it and she said she didn't know. So now I don't know what she was talking to him about I assume it was flirting there's no other reason not in my eyes anyways. She stayed at her friends again on the second day she went out and so did she and she apparently slept downstairs by herself even though plenty of her girl friends were there to share a bed with? It all seems very strange and doesn't add up. Not to mention a tonne of lies. I understand I seem distrusting but I've had past experiences making me paranoid and we past history makes me paranoid too. I've spoken to a select few about this and they all agree with me. (Girls and guys alike even some of her friends). Sorry for the long post you had to have the background information to answer. Thanks.