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Hair dying in pregnancey?

Published on February 5, 2010 by char999

i have been dying for the past year to have my blonde highlights back in i really want it done im in early pregnacey the appointment is in hour but im worried now and i dont no what to do because i want baby be ok but i really want my hair done for once


why on earth would you think that dying your hair would be bad for the baby?

Dye your hair all you want. It's not going to hurt your kid in the slightest. Also, may I recommend reading some books about pregnancy like "What to Expect When Your Expecting" and ask your DR for some more recommendations. That will help you sort out rumor from fact.

because i read all the forums saying its bad dont do it cause misscarrige i asked hairdreser she said she doesnt see why not i have books etc well this is my second pregnacey so im not completly new to it just un sure when every one i no says no its bad for baby and i dont ever want to do anything to harm it

Talk to your doctor about it. I have also read things that say dying your hair might be bad for the baby. They are afraid it may cause birth defects or cancer. Personally, I would just wait. One good thing about pregnancy, it will make your hair nice and thick.