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Had a second date, Seemed to go great. No call.

Published on January 7, 2010 by kacey

So I did get to a second date. I also DID text a thank you(like I dd after the first date). A few texts went back and forth then no call for a third. I did text a happy new year and got a response but still no date call. Chemistry was flying on both dates on both sides. I will not text again but I guess he's not calling back ever....correct?


Why don't you ask her/him out? Did you do the asking the first two times, only one time? Or has it been all her/him. If he/she asked at least once you should ask this time.

Say "I enjoyed our dates and would love to do it again. Are you free _, would you like to go to dinner, a movie, whatever. Already have something in mind, day and time.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for your response! He asked both times. I do know that when a man is into you, he pursues. Period. Especially at this point. Just a surprise considering the fun and chemistry we had on both dates. Oh well, onward!