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Guys, when your girlfriend tells you she loves you for the first time, how would you normally react?

Published on August 25, 2013 by pinky.petersen

I know I'm falling in love and I recently uttered an unexpected "I love you" to my boyfriend whom I've been seeing for almost 5 months now.. Actually, it was after we made love.. Never even planned of saying it first nor did I imagine myself saying such thing in a certain situation. We then had a complete silence which is like not usual and after sometime, he began kissing me again very passionately and embraced me really really tight - Still in complete silence.. After a little while he said that I'm always awesome in bed and since that night, we never talked about what had happened... he doesn't say anything about it which quite makes me wonder what guys are really thinking.. Did he just ignore it? Does he even like to hear me saying how I feel towards him? Does he even feel the same way about me? Why didn't he say anything?

He doesn't make me feel anything less important though and I don't feel being disregarded at all like when he sends me texts randomly, makes it seem like he does think about me.. and also, he makes plans about us going out on trips together in near future.

He is a Danish guy (25) and I am a Filipino (27).. I learned from some friends that some Danes are not very vocal about how they feel but it's just a little bit confusing for girls like me whether he does feel the same way towards me or not.

To give out some details about how we are when we are together.. We travel together - he even spared a few days to join my vacation in the Philippines last July. We share some activities and enjoy each others company very much.. We do sleepovers and movie/series marathons sometimes and I did meet some of his friends already.. We see each other like 2-3 times a week depending on how busy we both are. He likes to hold hands, is fond of kissing me anywhere we go - public or not and looks at me as if I'm the only girl he sees which makes me feel beautiful.. Oh, and yeah - he said a lot of times I'm hot. :) We can talk for hours without running out of things to say and we are not afraid to make fun of our sloppy words and acts.. never fails to crack us up. But he is not really good at communicating over the phone. We don't call each other very often, and most of the time, it takes him forever to answer (grrrr!) and doesn't text very often. But Overall, we have so much fun when we are together but we never really talk about how we feel or anything about this relationship.

Here's a twist: On the 1st month of us dating, we agreed that we won't be serious about this and that we can both see someone else if we want to.. I haven't been seeing anyone nor even thought of doing so and according to him, he hasn't either since he started seeing me..