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Guy problem

Published on November 16, 2013 by dhara

Hi how you doing i was once dating this guy for 5 months and he broke up with me without telling me the reason i assume for another girl because 3 days after our break up he hooked up with that girl(they broke up though)anyway i still have feelings for him and i think he knows it too he greets me whenever he sees me and i heard from his friends his considering of taking me back and all that.Last week we were alone and we ended up kissing and all that for a long time so one of my friends(who also has feelings for him i think) found out about it went to him an asked him if he wants me back and likes me and he told her no he is only using me for pleasure and he wants his other ex back who he dumped me for how do i find out if its true i really love this guy he made me feel so special and i wanna try our relationship again and if its not true how do let him know that i want to try again


I understand that you love him. There are a lot of unknowns in your situation. To me, he doesn't know what he wants. Whether or not your other friend is telling the truth is irrevalent. The truth is right in front of you. I get the impression that you really don't know what makes this guy tick. I mean you've only been dating him 5 months. I would suggest finding someone better. This is why I say his to you: He left you for another woman. He did it once, whose to say he won't do it again. When he left, he didn't communicate the reasons he was unhappy with the relationship with you. Now all of a sudden he has no one and he wants you back? The circumstances are too convinent. You deserve a man who knows what he wants and won't leave you for another woman. One who does what he says and doesn't contradict his words and actions. It's ok to love someone and not be personally involved with them. It is ok to be friends. You asked to know the truth about him. Look at what he does, not what he says. History and actions don't lie. Unfortunately, we have to accept the truth in front of us regardless of the words or reasons behind them. If you stay, understand what he is all about. Good luck.