mrsdetournemignon, that's what i was thinking as well. he exhibits too many signs that to me are a bit suspicious. on the other hand, i dont want to presume that he calls me sis to get closer to me under a guise either. what do you think about this: he doesnt call any other girl sis as far as i know, except for one girl who he also calls often on the phone, and i'm quite sure he thinks she's "hot", but she's confirmed he doesn't flirt with her nearly as much as he does with me. However, he is a notorious flirt with everyone and their mother.

If he's bold enough to flirt with you, he's bold enough to ask you out. Especially since you are interested in him and I'm sure make that known to him. He likes the ego boost of getting positive feedback from you when he flirts with you, but he's not interested enough in you to ask you out. Move on. I always avoided dating flirts. I want a man to flirt with me and no one else. I hate feeling jealous, so I chose a man who only shows his flirty side with me. Don't waste your thoughts on this guy. Fate has someone better in store for you.

safire1023: he does not know that I like him. I play my cards close to my chest and treat him pretty coolish. He has said to me that he can't get a read on me several times. I just shrug.