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gone of sex

Published on November 1, 2010 by fuzbuz

Im a young healthy 25 year old women, and ive been married for nearly 5 years. Over these past two years, i have gone off sex and cant be bothered with it, its actually causing problems with me and my hubby now coz im never in the mood or i'm always exhausted. Could you please advice me in what i can do?


For a 25 yer old woman who is healthy, it makes sense that this would be a problem in your marriage. You said you are always exhausted. Why? Are you working all the time? Do you have young children? Are you pregnant? And what medications are you on? Did you know that all anti-depressants have sexual side effects? The most common of which - for women- is low sexual desire. Another side effect is difficulty reaching orgasm. Some can also cause fatigue. Also, if you are taking birth control pills they can lower your libido and this can be problematic even after you go off of the pills.

If you are taking any medication including allergy medication, thyroid meds, anything - please consider seeing a doctor to discuss the low desire and fatigue.

The other issue is the relationship. Are you resentful, ,do you get along, are you arguing? Is the sex good when you do have it? Are you having orgasms every time? These are all important questions to ask and to discuss together, or with a therapist who can help the two of you work all this out together!

good luck and let me know if I can answer anything else for you.

Dr Tammy Nelson