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giving oral pleasure

Published on February 10, 2013 by godesszila

My dude thinks that because he is well endowed and can last for hours, that he doesn't have to give me oral pleasure. He wouldn't need to last for hours if he did. I don't want him to just go down, I want him to WANT to go down and LIKE doing it. How can I accomplish this?


Hi , firstly , how do you keep yourself down their , waxed trimed or natural ? This can play a big part of it . A fun idea have a nice relaxing shower or bath , wash your vagina with the warm water ( don't use soap ) use your fingers and hands to wash it , dry your self by dabbing a towel , get yourself lollipop , lay down on your bed suck on the lollipop until its wet pull back your clitoral hood , and run the lollipop underneath the hood and over you clit down the inside of your Libra and insert into your vagina , you can finish off the lollipop if you like , pin your bf down with your knees on his shoulders. , push your pussy into his face , the sweetness should get him started and your taste should keep him going . Good luck kylie

If you do the lollipop thing the previous person suggested, you stand a decent chance of getting a microbial infection from the sugar you introduce into your vagina.

Ask him why he won't go down on you when you've made it clear you'd love for him to do so. It may be that your hygiene or the food you eat could be causing an unpleasant odor or taste (both are easily rectified).

It could be that, regardless of hygiene or diet, he simply doesn't like doing oral (could range anywhere from doesn't do anything FOR him, to the mere though of licking and sucking that is revolting to him). If this is the case, move on to someone else who likes doing it, or resign yourself to a relationship without oral sex - because he's never going to do it.