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give me direction.

Published on June 6, 2012 by happyfeet

hi, for the past year and a half i am in a casual relationship with a guy. truth be told, it began when i was kind of fed up of the male gender, a boy i really like made a fool out of me and i just didn't want to react emotionally to men, i needed a break. This guy,he was a good friend, we are fond of each other and were very comfortable with one another, and it just happened. soon we were seeing each other occasionally, friends with benefits if you will. this continued till feb this year. then, i decided that maybe i needed something more. i asked him whether i mattered, and he truthfully answered that not really. and we decided to break it off so that i could go on and find someone. two weeks later he asked me out and i said i'll think about it. but it was really a yes and i fell in love. things were great until we hit spring break, he just vanished but for the occasional msg or chat. and here i am unsure. he's a great friend, and i don't even think he knows i feel this strongly. i know him enough that if i were to tell him tht i like him, he'll get distant. My question is, shall i wait? or shall i move on? we'll remain friends but i don't want to hang around hoping at being at his beck and call.. is there any hope for us??


If he is stupid enough not to take you off the market offically, its pretty obvious that its never going to happen. Your relationship with him was casual and comfortable and a safe place for both of you which is great. But if you want something more, turning to the person who gives you less isnt the way to go. Yes you love him, I get it, Ive been there; but he doesnt feel the same way. You yourself said he would get distant and not talk to you. So why is a guy like that worth your time? Free yourself from this whatif relationship and fing someone who wants to sweep you off your feet from the start. You deserve it. Good luck.