there's this herb called Yohimbe bark, you can order it from, it comes in 500 mg, but its very strong so my friends and I just open the capsules and pour half into orange juice several hours before, or just have a quarter of a capsule daily to keep up on your stamina. Its also good to learn how to relax, sometimes you can be so caught up in trying to please a woman and do all the things she wants to get in the mood that when you finally get into the ACT of PENETRATION your anxious and then you release fast. I suggest you learn how to be selfish and assertive as well until you learn how to visualize your doing something else so you wont release quick. For instance, say you don't feel like always having to get the woman in the MOOD to freak and you just want a quickie. This way you won't get anxious and overwhelmed trying to PERFORM and you can take your time. Being under pressure sometimes place men in a awkward position because [some] women want to hold you resposible for turning them on or putting them in the right mood, but some of us selfish assertive men will be like- sometimes doggystyle after a vodka and orange juice and no taling from a female can keep you interested, but if you have to go down on her, kiss, caress, hold and listen to all her intructions your literally holding your peace and trying to hold your load from exploding. You feel me? Take charge and tell her you want to be spontaneous and tell her she's responsible for bring her self ready in the "MOOD" so you can just concentrate on being long lasting and not an employee of women don't like to be told their too needy when they need to get in the mood on their own so it won't feel like a job, but they will get over it if it will help you be long lasting. Good luck!