Hi Olivia,

Simplest thing you can do is ask! Depending on who you are having sex with, they will be appreciative that you are taking the time out to make sure your "Nookie" is on point. Different guys like different things. Ask him what he likes and go for it :)

I agree with J. Cameron Gant, asking is the most direct way to find out if what you're doing is doing the trick for him. Also, make sure it's good for you too. You can pretty much tell when a guy is liking a position or not - is he smiling, moaning, being verbal (like, "yea baby")? Sometimes a guy (depending on the individual) just gets excited by a girl who takes the initiative. Check out a book called the Kama Sutra for variations on positions you might also explore and enjoy.

Ask :-) Also, if your guy gives you good feedback with facials he makes, I find that to be pretty reliable data as well.

Does he come back for more? If so, he likes it. If he tries to put you off or insists on a different position, he probably doesn't care for it all that much. Overall, being enthusiastic and wanting to have sex with him means a lot more to him than the specific position.

As the others mentioned - ASK