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girls can cheat to you know?

Published on February 3, 2010 by awwwbabyno

my girlfriend cheated on me with a nother girl.i thought that i was never going toget over it? but after 8 long months being togeather.she did brake my heart.but now all i can hope for is that were still friends but we havent talked since she cheated and i brike up with her .but now im single and i hope that i can let somebody else into my


its hard my ex cheated after 4 half years fcking killed and many more have done it to me its one of those things that happens and not every one does it my partner now is great and i no deep down with him that he wont cheat people that cheat are just wrong because they dont relise how much it hurts the other person its selfish thing to do but sometimes there unhappy and just do it but you will in time trust someone else x