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girlfriend wit rough past broke w/ me "feeling overwhelmed"

Published on December 5, 2010 by jonnyb

relationship started off slow and grew gradually, she's a single mom who has 0 contact or support from the dad, her long ago marrage ended with him cheating on her and her relationship a few years ago was abusive. we had a great thing going giving her her space and her time w/ her son, we did things sometimes as a group, and i know her son liked me. the only things she said at the break up was she was feeling overwhelmed and not used to someone being that close to her, side note, has a strained relationship w/ her dad, doesnt get along w/ step mom and they anounced just prior to our breakup that thier coming for christmas, money is very tight for her, and trying to go through the holidays was to be a strech for her, been giving her her space that she asked for, miss her so very much. how can i fix this


She is protecting herself, she needs security in her life.gain her trust,move with her and make her happy.

You can't fix someone who is broken. These may be just excuses she is giving you. Anyway, you need to seek out someone who is 100% emotionally available to be in a relationship. People who love each other support each other and rely on each other in stressful times. Her dumping you because of stress is a lame excuse. Find someone who is emotionally sound and knows how be in a loving commited relationship with you. Take care.