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Girlfriend On Vacation Overseas

Published on February 2, 2012 by jhonnyb

Hi, I'm a little confused. Last year me and my girlfriend of 3 and a half year planned to vacation and spend xmas and new years eve together overseas (first time), we had the dates an places to visit, waiting the right moment to buy the tickets, we were so excited and spend a couple of months planning the trip. Then she suddenly decided to call off our trip, because her sister who lives in Australia (we live in US) bought my girlfriend a ticket to visit her for a month in the exact dates of our trip. My girlfriend invited me but i culdnt afford the trip. She did the trip without me. In the past years I've declined many trips for myself because she can't afford them and I prefer to stay with her, but the times that we've traveled together I always pays almost everything, because her budget is a little restrictive. Is right for me not to feel well in our relationship anymore?? I feel like she put me to a side...


Honestly, I do not think she put you aside. However, you should talk to her about it. It doesn't sound like she asked you to decline the trips. It makes sense that she wants to see her sister. It is just unfortunate timing. If you feel comfortable paying for almost everything, then it is no problem. If you do not feel comfortable, maybe you two should plan things well in advance so that she can save up for the trip.