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Girlfiend says she is not attracted to me anymore and need some space.

Published on May 5, 2010 by shravan

Hi, I am facing this question after 4 yrs of our relationship, everything was running smooth , few fights n all may be little more fights. But suddenly after few months of Long Distance Relationship with my gf , she is now saying she is not attracted to me as she was earlier and she requires some space. I really not getting what exactly is this, i asked her does she want to break up , she answered NO , bt she dont want to hurry into relationship . I am pretty much serious about my part I want to settle with her. Then how should I progress with this. Kindly suggest.


I would suggest give her the space she wants but you need to perhaps discuss the attraction thing, attraction is not a continual thing and it's hard to maintain after 4 years. Maybe you are going into another cycle of yr relationship where the attraction is not as important. I really would try to talk 2 her to get to the bottom of this.

4 years is a substantial amount of time together. In a relationship, you will go through lots of times where you might question if it's right and I think that's quite normal. Perhaps, she is just going through a phase where she really needs the space to figure out what is right for her. You should allow her the space to think and reflect and know that if it is in fact right, she will come back to you. You can't have a relationship if only one person is happy, so it's best for you to allow her the time to decide what she's happy with.

Attraction is something that you have to continually find in each other. it doesn't stay around forever, as you get comfortable. You need to do special things that help you remain attracted to each other. Things like special dates and romantic evenings. These are all good things to help keep the "flame" alive in a relationship. Since she wants space you need to allow her that time to herself.

When a woman states something like this, she really wants you to respect her space. She may be afraid to get close, she might have noticed something within herself that she didn't like, or perhaps she wants to sort out a few emotions without you around. I don't think she meant to hurt you in the process. The best thing that you can do is keep yourself occupied: Get out and volunteer, spend time tutoring, go to museums, pick up a second job...something; so that whether or not she comes running back you'll be proud of yourself being happy with or without her. But don't move so fast if and when she comes back. That could scare her off for good. Good luck!

Thank you for opinions. :) I have made decision and I am going to give her space. But for a person who is still in same feelings state it is quite difficult not to talk,sms,mail or meet other person but for good future I will do all these things :). Lets hope , everything gets fine.