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girl wont respond for two weeks at a time

Published on August 21, 2013 by cavan

alright there is this girl I really like and have been out on a date with twice, both times were amazing and we had a great time, and somebody I know who’s friends with her brother told me that he overheard her talking about me and it sounded like she really liked me and also had an amazing time on our dates.

now the problem, a couple days after our first date she stopped replying to text and stopped answering her phone, this lasted for two whole weeks until I sent her one last text to see if she'd answer (Note: I did not put it into the text that it would be my last, I just decided if I got no response then I wouldn’t send anymore), I immediately got a response and everything went back to normal and the two week black out was never even mentioned or explained. Then we had our second date, at the end I asked what would be a good time for me to call her the next day and she said she got off work at nine, that next day I called at 9:20 and got no answer. That was 8/12/13 today is 8/21/13 it’s almost been another two weeks and she hasn’t replied to any of my text or calls.

why is this happening?

And am I stressing out for no reason at all?