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Girl problems.. dont know where to go

Published on September 29, 2013 by joshua9

Me and this girl started talking a while ago.. We are very similar and we both love each other.. She told me early on in the 'relationship' that she wasn't ready for a relationship yet because she just got out of one, and I understood so we kept talking and whatnot. We hang out all the time and laugh a lot. The topic of her not wanting anything serious came up a few times recently. i want to be dating and stuff but she wants us to stay friends during highschool/college and see if we want to date after, I didn't realize it was gonna be that long until she was ready, and I told her I don't want to be just friends, and she agreed to keep doing what we are doing.. And now I feel like I'm forcing her to stay with me.. I just wouldn't be able to see her with other guys (even though I already half agreed to it because that's what she wants) but recently she hasn't been texting me as much and she seems to want to be with friends during school rather than me. What can I do?