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A girl likes me, but im not attracted to her. Should i date her?

Published on February 1, 2010 by paul91

I am a 18 year old boy who wants to have someone to love in my life other than my mom, games and movies. There is a girl that says she wants to be with me, but she hardly knows me, and im not attracted to her whatsoever. Should i date her because i hate being alone? Or is it best to wait for someone i like and is compatible with my lifestyle?


Only you can really answer that. Are you not attracted to her physically or are you also turned off by her personality? If you don't know her that well personally, maybe it's worth it to at least attempt to get to know her better before deciding. You may find that you have a lot in common and who knows, there could be potential there. But honestly, if you're just not feeling her it's best not to lead her on.

It's never a good idea to date someone because you hate being a lone. Would you want someone to date you for that reason? Respect this girl and yourself. You are 18, there is plenty of time to find someone to spend your time with.

I have to agree with them,you should never date someone just because you don't wanna be alone. I made this mistake once and almost got myself into a big mess which I won't get into now since this was 12 years ago,lol! I know it's hard being single and lonely,but just remember that God has a special someone out there for you and when it's time,you'll find her. Or who knows,maybe this girl is the one,but it's just not time for things to progress yet. I don't know,but one thing I do know is it will all work out in the end. Don't give up. Hang in there and for now just try to be this girl's friend if possible. Good luck to you and God Bless! :)

I'm 21 and have been single all my life due to my schedule. I was a 3-seasoned HS athlete and I'm currently working toward my Chemistry degree and with labs and the hw, time is short. I will admit, I hate being alone too, but there has been no one with my schedule around me that I've liked so I don't push myself into it...the added stress of being with someone I didn't like could have disastrous side effects, given I use some pretty toxic/reactive chemicals in my research.

One girl I do like live 4-5 hrs away and is 3 yrs younger than me (sister of one of my friends). If I knew she would be going to my school, I'd ask her, but the LDR is making me second guess whether it will work long-term. But that's another story.

So my advice...JUST SIT BACK AND WAIT. You'll be surprised.

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