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Girl i like.. Having a hard situation

Published on August 6, 2013 by chickenkid9

I would prefer a woman's point of view, but anyone will answer. It will be appreciated. So there is this girl that I have been talking to for about 2 weeks now and we have gone on 2 dates, both amazing. She is very funny and beautiful and is just an awesome person to be around. After our 2nd date today, she told me that there is a guy that likes her and they have hung out a few times. She said she didn't realize that it was a big deal until now, because she doesn't like him. She hasn't told him that yet, but she says she will tomorrow. That kind of scared me because my last relationship was just a continuous string of events of her cheating on me. But the worst part is that she told me that she doesn't know if she is ready for a commitment.. she isn't ready to be exclusive. She told me that we are definitely heading in the right direction, but she has had a lot of heartbreaks recently and doesn't want to screw things up with me. (I know she HAS gone through these heartbreaks because I knew the guy she dated for a long time) I can tell she really likes me and I definitely like her, but she is also related (cousins) with the last person I dated, so I don't know if her dating habits are the same, or if they talk a lot.. I really really like this girl, but I can't go through that relationship again.. Please help!


I would say to approach it gently but firmly, moving forward but keeping in check with yourself and your instincts. If you feel something is going awry, talk to her. Don’t try to burden her with the mistakes of past girlfriends, even if they are related. Don’t worry about the genetics factor. My female cousins and I are all very different women. Don’t let that stop you from taking a risk on something potentially great. Just go slow, and check in with yourself regularly.