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GF for five years, fiancee for one came out to me as bisexual.

Published on February 5, 2014 by 06uw11

Ok, so I honestly just need to talk to people about this. I am 26, male and straight. She is 25 and apparently bisexual. We have been together for five years and to me everything seemed to be fine. We live together have a dog and two cats, I pay for rent she pays for utilities, I have a 40 hour per job she is going to school. We both say we love each other and I know I love her and know she really does love me. She told me about two days ago she believe she is bisexual and that she has thought about girls since we have been together but keep thinking she just needed a good guy or that it would go away eventually. She also shared with me she had been looking for girls on and off and just recently meet up with one, which was all before I knew.

So I am really glad she told me before we got married but I'm unsure what we should do next. We don't really want to take a break because we are afraid we might not end up back together. I am afraid we are just spinning our wheels and chances are she will always want that feeling from a girl. I want her to be happy but if we get married want us to be the only ones for each other.

I'm thinking of letting her have a girlfriend while we are "dating" but don't want to be sitting if our relationship was always in trouble and she just feels closer to a woman.

I am looking for a opinions from those that have been in a similar situation or currently live with or married a bisexual. I will try my best to answer other questions. Thanks