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Is getting married in your teens an automatic no-no?

Published on August 9, 2010 by sog

I'm 16 years old, and while I'm not in love with anyone right now, i feel like, if I was and we had all of the necessary attributes of a good couple (good communication, friendship, love, similar vision/values, etc), I would be ready to marry someone in college, or maybe even high school. Society frowns upon it, though, and I was just wondering if teen marriages are pretty much doomed? Also, getting married younger "in the full vigour of youth" is something that is talked about positively in my faith. I am also abstinent.


Society for the longest has put a taboo on teens especially early teens getting married usually its based on experiences. People talk to friends or close office buddies about marriage and when they got married and the problems they are encountering. Most, of those who have experienced marriage and divorce will tell you their regrets,some wishing they had postponed the event or never married for are dredging through it. It seems when you marry other things in the other spouse did not turn up as you thought you saw at the time. Habits hidden seem to surface and catch you by surprise and families thoughts on your marriage, (no matter what age it seems) as time goes on has an impact. Putting your money together and trying to make ends meet, are other little things, and spending habits of either, and children coming up later can really test the reins. Watch for growing sentiment when both of you start getting the itch of wanting to do something else. We have been on this earth for about 2010 years and more and I think for the most part early marriage seems to get the negative nod today or the eye brow raised according to all the statistics of marriage and divorce. Sometimes its going to hurt to look the other way of what you had in mind but it should all work out, at least you have gained experience. On the note of abstinence, that is an admirable thought but rarely workable today.

Well,it sounds like you definitely have the right values in mind with what you're looking for and it's great that you're still abstinent,stick to your guns on that! However,I gotta say I think that 16 years old is WAY too young to even be thinking about marriage. It's very easy at that age to mistake infatuation with the real thing. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up. Take the time to mature,finish your education and then worry about settling down. And trust God to give you what you need in HIS timing. God Bless and you're in my prayers. :)

You have all the right to be married at any age you decide to be married. It is so cool that you are abstinent, and would be able to share that experience with your guy. Frankly, its awesome. Because the more partners you have in life, the more you will get used to having more partners, and will become less invested in any new relationship you get into.

Don't let anyone trick you into thinking that marrying in teen is too young? Really? If adults are all that smart in deciding what we want from marriage and relationships when we are in 20s and 30s then we all should be having happy, loving successful relationships and marriages. But wait!!! the divorce rate is at all time high of 51% which tells you right there that the current thinking of the socieity about marriage and relationships are waay to flawed. Thats like someone who has 50 traffic accidents telling you how to drive. You sure you want to listen to someone like that??

You go do what you want. Don't give a freakin damn about what society thinks. Screw them!!