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Getting married in 3 weeks and found out fiance placed personal a

Published on November 24, 2012 by engaged

I am getting married in 3 weeks & recently found out my fiance placed a personal ad online.  I have trust issues from a previous relationship so this has completely floored me.  When I confronted him about it he said he only did it for the thrill, as a "game", just to see if he still "had it" and that he would never follow through with anything.  I have big issues with this and believe where there's smoke there's fire.  I really love him & love evey minute I spend with him.  He travels for his business, so that creates a lot of opportunities for him.  He says he gets bored on the road and is just killing time.  Am I being overly concerned?  Do men really see this as an innocent game? Please help me with some outside perspective.


he gets bored on the road?okey but doesnt need to place a prsnal ad online if he ddnt need it to chat or go out with other girls i have ur prob trust issues cz i every time know when my bfs cheats on me i just have zese feelings somthing is nt right cz when he's convinced that u'r the one in his life and only u he wouldnt do this even for the thrill or as a game or he might be anxious cz is getting maried and needed a relieve so"why dnt u sign up for a fake add name,age,career,living,and reply to his ad but dont tell him just to relieve ur mind and trust him"if he answers ur message so he's not a trustworthy and if nt u can make up ur mind on what to do?

This man has horrible ethics and will cheat on you, and probably already has. Break plans to marry him immediately. So what if you've spent the money and all the invitations are out. Your lifetime of happiness is more important. Love doesn't matter when he is not capable of being faithful. There is a reason that God or fate ensured you'd find out about this before the wedding day. Cheaters always give excuses. He doesn't love you, otherwise he wouldn't hurt you by engaging in this behavior. It's hard to find a decent men, but they are out there. You need to cut the losers lose to find "the one" who will be faithful and treat you the way you'd treat him. I'm sorry this has happened to you. Good luck.

You're not being overly concerned. If he's doing this 3 weeks before marriage just to see if he still "has it", he's got some commitment issues and will likely resent you "tying him down".

Think how bad this betrayal of trust is making you feel right now. Do you want to spend your entire married life feeling that way? Call off the wedding.