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Getting mad for no reason.

Published on December 29, 2012 by kaylarenee15

I've been dating this guy for 2 year.... On and off. I've been so moody for no reason theses past few days. I know my boyfriend is probably sick of it.. I want to try and change my mood but every time I try.. Either him or someone has messed it up. I've tried listening to music since that helps me sometimes. I've tried talking to a close friend but its like they don't want to help. Any suggestions to help me stop being so hateful with my partner? I want to quit fighting and start being the girlfriend he dreams of.


If this moodiness of yours is not normal and is something that has started fairly recently, it's worth investigating why you feel this way. Has there been a recent change to your health (a physical with your doctor might be in order to explore the possibility)? Have you recently started or changed prescription medicine (hormone based birth control is something many people would overlook)? Have you recently started a new job, taken on new responsibilities, or been introduced to stress inducing situations. Has your boyfriend undergone any of the above (your moodiness might not be you so much as it's you responding to something in him)? It could also simply be that your relationship has moved beyond the initial infatuated "honeymoon phase" and things that you previously glossed over in your new love now don't get the free pass they used to and have become annoying.

If these feelings are NOT something new, I'd say they may be indicating that you two just aren't a good compatible match for each other. If you've been like this with most people for a long time (not just your boyfriend), an evaluation by a mental health professional may be in order - you may have undiagnosed depression or some other condition that can be treated.