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getting him in the mood

Published on October 7, 2010 by sariahdoherty

I am always more into sex than he is -- am I doing something wrong, is this something that will never change and/or what do I do at this point? Back off and accept it? Let him be the man, the pursuer in the relationship? I want to feel wanted, desired, etc..


Hi Sariah, sitting down to communicate about where you are in your sexual interests is always a very good idea. It eliminates problems where he may be making incorrect assumptions and also makes it clear where the two of you are right now in your sexual appetites and sex communication skills.

It's fair for either partner to know what the deal is in their relationship. Pursuer and all that is fine when applied correctly. It's also hot for women to pursue too. Why do we always see that in the movies and not real life? Know what I mean? If you get stonewalling and defensiveness from him around talking about sex, and you are interested in staying with him, consider a session with me to move you two forward faster. If it's not going to work out, then I always teach that it's not ethical to do things that waste each other's time and energy. Part ways and be with someone compatible with you for whatever reason it is. If you want to stay together, then there are compromise agreements I can suggest.

I help clients design their sex lives together or as an individual. Just like your financial, career, or family life, your sex life requires focused attention and caring about its longevity. I give free consultations where I can get more info from you and/or your partner at the same time. :)

I can also work with him directly to teach him some sexual skills that will do amazing things for the two of you. It's very hard sometimes for men to seek sex teachings because the pesky male ego screams and rages against it. The male ego is the number one barrier to men toward having better sex and becoming a better lover. I put my ego on the shelf and said to myself, "I want this, I want the reality not the sugar-coated fantasy." I put my ego on the shelf and was amazed at what I learned. Everything I can do in the bedroom to this day is because of that ability 95% of the time.

We all only have one life. To him and any man (or woman) reading this, dont let your screaming ego rob you of creating an incredible sex life. Your ego doesn't care if you have great sex. It just makes sure you think you're awesome at all times. Be awesome for real reasons, not because of the cheerleader that is your ego.