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getting ex girlfriend back?

Published on September 29, 2013 by svkilmallock

My girlfriend split up with up with me because of the way i acted recently, i have always been starting arguements for no reason and acting an arse. I have been this way for along time but she has always taken me back. We split up last week and was together for a year. I texted her to meet up the nite after we had split up for a pizza.. she said yes.. we got back home and we cuddled and kissed. She went back to college on the monday and we have been in contact all week... she even phoned me up on the wednesday at 4.30 am and sent me naughty random snap chat pics Throughout the week.. I asked her if i could take her out for a meal on friday night.. she said yes... tbh the night was really awkward and the meal was probably to serious for the situation we were in. She stayed round my house and we cuddled and the kisses were really passionate and she grinded up against me at least 3 times throughout the nite. I dropped her off home before i went to work we texted throughout the day i asked her if she would come over to watch a film and she said she had to do a french project... i texted back saying no bothers... she texted me back 10 mins later sayin that would i pick her up at 9 and she is going to do the french sunday. We watched a film etc got into bed but i was so nervous she even said your heart is beating really quickly and didnt feel where i stood... i was thinking what do i do... ar we jus friends?? Does she still like me?? I asked her what was happening between us she said that she realises i hav changed my ways for the good but felt the passion for the kissing had gone but i tried explaining that we are really are in an awkward position and it is hard to kiss someone when you dont know where we stand... i dropped her off the next day and said she is to txt me wherever she wants to.go it a go or not to see if the passion comes back because not not everything is going to be like it was in a week isit?? She feel asleep in my arms and loved it when i rubbed her body so there must still be intimacy there.What are my next steps??