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Getting back with an ex!

Published on August 18, 2013 by rosiem98

OK so I am 15 years old and I broke up with my boyfriend after 4 months of us going out. I regret breaking up with him and want him back but he says he doesn't love me anymore, this was all said via text. I kept texting him and not giving him space after the break up which made him annoyed and I HUGELY regret because I didn't give him enough space in our relationship (I know that now!). I wanted to try and move on (because I thought there was no chance in us being together again) to do that I needed answers from him. so he called me the other day and we argued on the phone and then he hung up on me. I got upset about it obviously! Then about 10 minutes later he called me back and told me that his way of moving on was to block me out and that he stays in his own little world and doesn't talk to anyone about it, I said I was different and needed to talk. The main reason we broke up is because we kept arguing which I think was mainly my fault because I wouldn't let the little things go and relax about our relationship. He said to one of his best friends that his feelings for me had been fading for a week before we broke up, which confuses me because surely he would feel happy that we broke up rather than be angry at me and hurt (I would just like to point out he cried when we broke up face to face). Anyway so on the second call it was really good and he said it hadn't been easy on him either. I still really want him back and I don't think his feelings have truly gone, because we are on school holiday so he doesn't have to see me so I think when we go back and he sees me he will start to miss me and want me back? Anyway the big and main questions I would like answering are the following... On the phone call he said "leave me alone for two weeks at least" he said it in a nice way not harshly but what I don't get is what's going to happen after two weeks are we going to try again or just start talking I don't know that's the thing! The summer holidays end in two weeks which is what's making me think will he have missed me by then? He is also abroad in France for these to weeks so is the holiday a way for him to think about thinks or to forget about me? I love him so much and I am willing to change how I act if we were to try again. I have deleted his number and blocked him on all the social networks so I am not tempted in messaging him. I just keep hoping that when he sees me at school his feelings will come back? Do you think they will? Please help, thank you!


Ah, young love. My best advice to you is to s.l.o.w d.o.w.n. Hold your horses! You have come barreling out of the gate, and given it all you've got. You're running the race in the first few seconds, without saving some energy for the most important part of the race - the finish line. You and he have both recognized that you did not give him enough space. Love needs to grow in its own time, not be forced and shoved down someone's throat. You smothered him. And as is the case, when someone feels smothered, their natural reaction is to get away from the smotherer. Your pursuit of him is probably overwhelming. When school starts, let him take the initiative. He needs to be able to choose to be with you or not. If you see him, smile and wave but do not run over and be all over him! Give him the space he needs, and you might find that then he can approach you of his own free will.