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fwb what to do now

Published on May 26, 2013 by sooconfused05

I am currently in a fwb. We will call the guy M. We started of as feb but as time went by we didnt seem like fwb and i began to wonder if there was something more. My suspicion was verified when a person, we will call L, tried to hook up with M and stirred problem. M tried protecting me by sending me the texts L sent M so that i know what is going on. As time went by M told me that he did like me and it was not basing on just the benefits. M says that even though we arent dating he cares for me and respects me and above all else likes me. However, M is not ready for a committed relationship. One day, a guy we will name G who was my ex fwb decided to kiss me. Apparently L saw us and told M. M was not angry with me but he was somewhat sad because M thought he was the only one i was hooking up with and asked me to keep this fwb monogamous. I was just wondering what i should do. I dont know and confused whether there is a chance of us being together or if this is it. We know we like each other but thats where it ends. I really need some advise.


If your an adult you don't need a justification to sleep around with numerous people. Of course you may not know where each std comes from and that the reason some people have FWB because they can always say " Hey, you weren't sleeping with me exclusively and I don't have a std so maybe it was one of your other guys"...Lol, Basically whether you sleep back with him or not he is saying he can't take it to the next level and he will never esteem you higher that FWB. If your ok with that sleep with all of them if you like, and be safe