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FWB dilemma

Published on October 5, 2012 by skyylovee

I've been talking to a friend that Ive known for at least 5 years, I dated his best friend on and off for about 3 years during which time I developed some feelings for him which never really went away. I broke up with his friend and things were fine we got a bit closer as friends after that until he then dated my best friend. I was kinda jealous but happy for him and her they dated for almost 3 years then they ended it because he had gone out of state for a year and when he came back they argued because they had both cheated, she cheated with a good friend of his and he had cheated with girls down were he was at. I was in the midst of their dispute because I knew what had happend with her while he was away. She argued with me because I had told him what I knew and that ended my friendship with her. Later on we saw each other at a party were of course we got intoxicated we danced then ended hooking up I remember him telling me that he had wanted to do this for along time and stuff, which kind of surprised me since we never really talked about that or our feelings but in a way it didn't because there was a time before he went out with my exbestfriend were we had a sort flirtly connection thing. But anyways after the party things got awkward he didn't talked to me at all, it was confusing to me as well as kind of hurtful but I got over it a couple days past and we talk a little bit again. Things had gone back to normal some time went by and we began talking through facebook and I had told him that I couldn't believe what had happend between us his response was I gotta admit it was pretty fun and gave the idea that we should do it again. I agreed we met up and hooked up we had some conversations about what was going with him as well as myself. Then he texted me to see if we could meet up again I couldn't so I said no we went out of state for the summer and he got back not too long ago and again he texted me to meet up again I haven't been able to. I have some feelings for him but I'm not 100% sure I know were just doing the casual sex but I think if I keep it up my feelings will return and I will end up hurt, what should I do? I Dont want to lose him as friend or make things awkward but at the same time I like having him the way I do is it wrong? Someone give me some good advice! Thanks.


For your sake, it's really best to be honest with him. You don't need to freak him out, just tell him you're hesitant to hook up again because you're developing feelings for him and don't want to end up hurt. Be upfront about what kind of situation you want and see what he's open to.

There is a risk that he only wants casual sex, but if you want more, it's better to know this now.

Best Wishes, Susie and Otto