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From bad to bad, what's wrong with my luck?

Published on July 7, 2013 by noon

Okay, hello .. So, I had just broke up with my ex, and we were together for 3 years... And its over now and am happy! But the thing is, I just met a guy, an awesome one! He's 1 year older than me, he's hot, he's handsome and we have a lot in common! But the problem is : HE IS TAKEN. And,,, I have no idea why we chat all day long and talk on the phone for hours and share secrets and stories, its like a bad luck, he doesn't treat me like a friend, he's more as a " perfect match " to me!! Specially with the way he flirts me on public, yea.. And we had phone sex twice! :) WHAT SHOULD I DO? I WANT HIM BUT HE'S TAKING, I WANNA LEAVE HIM BUT AM SO INTO HIM. Help. Am really falling! I can't be friends with him. No way. HE'S MY TYPE FOR GOD'S SAKE!


You need to address the issue with him immediately, before you get anymore involved. If you've already had phone sex twice then you would be justified in bringing up his partner. Don't let yourself get taken in by someone who is already taken; that just does a disservice to all three of you. Have an honest, open conversation with him, and don't forget that he already has a partner that he might want to stay with. If that is the case, you need to cut ties with him, however perfect he may seem. If he's unwilling to leave his partner, then you need to move on.