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friendship or relationship

Published on November 20, 2012 by stephania1

I meet this guy he was really into me but when we go out on a date he though i was one of those girls who let him in just like that, when he finally know who i am he ask me to be friend because he not looking for a relationship right now i tell him yes we can be friend, we talk a lot like on the phone, oovoo everyday, However; now he telling me that he like me & wanna be with me don't get me wrong i like to but how do i believe that he really like me when he ask us to be friend because im confuse.


I had a similar situation, except that the guy was so strait forward and I respected him for that (we're friends and nothing more). If I were you I'd tell him your confused and in the begging you respected that he told you what he wanted up front. Also that you guys established you were friends and nothing more. Then ask him how did he end up falling for you and what his intentions are with you now. Be sure to ask him if he's looking for a friends with benefit as well (some guys will tell you what you want to hear just to get what they want). Lol one thing I learned about the male species is that you have to be strait forward with them, they suck at guessing and hey can't read minds well (even nonverbal signals sometimes). Good luck! -Fo