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Friends with Benifits

Published on May 3, 2013 by asbarra32

I know that the best way to do the FWB thing, is to pick someone you don't have feelings for. But, this just kind of happened. This guy and I have been friends for about 3-4 years. We both have been hurt really bad in recent relationships. He says hes not ready for a relationship but wanted to do the FWB with me. We've set guidelines and rules. He knows that I like and still wanted to do this but, keeps stressing "No Feelings". I told him I could put them to the side and if they got stronger and still were not mutual I would back out, no hard feelings, friends no matter what. I obviously would love if this turned into something more than just FWB, is that possible? Does that even happen or am I setting myself up for more dissapointment. We both have needs, ovbiously and right now it seems like a good idea.


FWB only works if it works for both people in the relationship. Obviously, it is not working for you. My advice is to break it off with FWB boy immediately. Start dating outside your circle right now. If FWB boy cares about you, he will make his concerns known. If not, you have already moved on.