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Friends With Benefits VS. Best Friend

Published on June 13, 2013 by heavenonearth

Ok so long story short, last year I met this dude who was at the time, everything I ever wanted in a man. But as we continued to get to know each other, we became friends with benefits. After 6months we asked each other what did we want from our friendship. Earlier, 3 months of us talking I asked what did he want, he said just friends but later maybe something more. Now he was asking me what did I want. I had a feeling something wasn't right and I didn't want to come off tooo strong so I said just friends. Maybe a boyfriend later but I'm not in a rush. We were cuddled up each time this question was asked.

Well after awhile we always texted, almost everyday and before we had sex he would ask if I been with anyone else. I told him "NO". Which was the truth. I didn't want to be with anyone else but him. When the question was addressed to him he told me "Yea, with my ex." The entire time I had that feeling I wasn't the only one. He's too handsome. I began to feel some type of way because I was catching major feelings. He would always tell me how sexy I was and how he loved me.

About 3 weeks later..

One day I decided to call my ex bestfriend whom I have spoke to in a year n some change, just to catch up and see if she knew him, since they're from the same area. Turned out she did know him and she told me that 2weeks ago they were hanging out and they were kinda friends with benefits. I never told her we had sex or had a deep bond. After finding out that they were smashing I didn't want to. All she said was "He's all about sex, that's about the only time they talk or hang out. With me it was different, we mainly texted daily, and when we did have sex we would spend hours talking afterwards or cuddle n take a nap.

Around my bday things started going down hill. He was lying about little things. I wanted bday sex and he agreed to do so. 2 days before my bday we had sex and I told him I wanted To be with him on my bday. He said he would tell me when he was available. On my brah he texted me but after texting over a hour he never told me happy bday, until I brought it to his attention. He apologized and told me when he would be available. Mind you I knew his little secret. He never showed up and made excuses saying his car is messing up, he lost his keys, he was working hours he didn't normally work. The entire 9yards.

I realized he was making excuses then he asked for gas money to come see me, days later. This was his second time asking me for money. I was already feeling different abt him. So I made a joke saying "You should become a escort then". He got offended and said he was gonna wait til his nxt pay day. A few days lata he texted me saying we needed to talk, that he was gonna call me. I knew him calling, it was serious. Turned out my ex bestfriend told him somethings. He called me trying to integrate me as if I lied about somethings. Asking where am I really from etc. I knew right then my ex friend probably filled his head up with God knows what. At that time I was feeling a abundant of mixed feelings... Most of the things he was asking I had already told him. Then I asked what is your reason for doing this?? He couldn't tell me he just kept procrastinating asking dumb questions. So I cussed him out telling him to delete my number cause he is a lame bitch, fucking nasty whores. But truth of the matter He didn't know me and my ex bestfriend knew each other.... PLEASE, tell me what should I do?