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Friends with Benefits or more?

Published on September 22, 2013 by confusedkansas

I have been hooking up with a guy on and off since high school (about 12 years). His serious relationships are few and far between since we have been friends. We always do the FWB thing for the longest time being 6 months, and I realize I want more and find someone else. It never works and we always get back together. I have always had feelings for him and I finally told him and he said he just graduated college and is new in his career and doesn't want to be tied to anyone. He said he doesnt want to hurt me and enjoys my company, but cant commit to anything right now. He said as for down the road, there is a possibility for everything and he is open to whatever happens. We talk via text or phone almost everyday and when we are together we laugh, hang out, and have great sex. Is there a possibility that if I relax and let the cards fall that we may end up together? I just question because I wonder, why hasnt he made a move yet, but has had two serious relationships when I found someone else? What made them different?