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Friends with benefits help

Published on March 27, 2014 by lyght

Ok so we're both in college and we started being fwb this semester and emotionally he acted like we were in a relationship cause he wanted it to be exclusive and he wanted complete honesty but he got upset when I would talk to one of my friends about him when he confused me and now he says that we're done and needs space but still wants to be friends afterwards all because I talked to a friend about him and I like him a lot so please any help or advice would be really appreciated


Dear lyght,

Clearly you are not just FWB. People who are really just FWB's hook up whenever they want and do not get emotionally attached. If you talk to other people or date others, no one cares, and when it's over, it's over and everyone walks away.

He clearly has deeper feelings for you and for whatever reason, getting upset over you confiding in a friend about him is a little childish. He sounds immature. Decide what kind of relationship you want with him, if you want to fight to keep him in your life and if he's willing, sit down and establish clearly what your relationship is/means because he's clearly on a different page.