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Friends or something more?

Published on January 8, 2013 by thehockeykid22

This girl and i have been friends for a little over a year but we have become really close friends. we are both in highschool but im a super senior (5th year) and shes graduating grade 12. she has had on and off feelings for me since then but we didnt really talk over the summer because she went on a trip and started talking again in mid october.

Her and i went to the same Halloween party and ever since then we have talked every day over text and gone for walks around school. She isnt one for PDA and is a very shy girl but i got the occasional hug in the halls.

It was around early december when she finally told me she liked me but i had already clued in by then. I was a bit hesitant to make a move because she has always been one who has been very to herself and never had anyone really like her back like i have. Ever since then her and i have been flirty over text and im never not happy around her.

We spent a night at a friends out of town and that night we slept together ( no not sex, just sleeping). the thing is tho is most of the night we had been cuddling and holding hands on a bed while watching movies with our friend and her boyfriend. Around 3 am she basically turned towards me and i hesitated for a second but then i kissed her. As cliche as you can say this sounds, but i felt sparks fly between us. We stayed up almost all night just talking about school, our future plans and other things while occasionally kissing.

While all this was going on, i kept getting pressure from friends to ask her out and i had feelings but i didnt feel like they were enough for a relationship. but after we kissed, we basically turned into a couple without it being official. we hung out a lot more and began to cuddle more often and the hugs i got from her, she would grab a hand full of the back of my jacket and hug for a long time.

new years is when it all changed. we went to a small party with some of her friends who i knew (maybe 6 or 7 people). Before going to the party, all of us went out for food quickly and i brought her flowers and a treat she loves. we went to the party and her and i spent majority of the night together and around 11:30 we went for a walk and ended up making out and hugging in the cold as i gave her my coat since she forgot hers at the house. At one point while we were hugging, she just looked at me and just said kiss me. so obviously i did. we went back to the party and danced with friends til midnight and we kissed at midnight. we ended up sleeping together again on the floor even with me getting stuck in an uncomfortable position.

since then things have kind of slowed down and her and i have talked and she is just confused cause she has never done most of this before (i was her first kiss, shes never cuddled with a guy let alone slept with one) or had anyone like her back and had it go somewhere. We have agreed to just be friends for now until she knows. we still give eachother hugs and still hang out and see eachother pretty frequently. the part that slightly confuses me is we still cuddle and occasionally kiss. this girl makes my mind go crazy. everything about her just makes me melt and puts a smile on my face. her body, her smile, the way she dresses, the way she talks to me and always with a smile on her face. she has come out and told me that i am the reason she is always happy and i send her a goodmorning text every morning. whenever we go out, i usually pay even if she has money.

She means so much to me as a friend and it wouldnt feel right not having her in my life or not talking to her every day. i want to be something more with her but i dont want to risk our friendship. everyone i have talked with has said we are cute together and should date. they've all said i'd be amazing for her and treat her like a princess (which i would). i just dont really know how to continue approaching this situation. do i stay friends and just stick around to hopefully one day get a chance? or do i continue what i have been doing with being friends but following what she said by hugs, kisses, cuddles, giving her massages, paying for her,still being flirty at times and complimenting her, etc? or is there another way i should be doing this. my main concern is the fact im going to begin working regularly in a month and our schedules will conflict and we wont see eachother a lot and loose what we have because she makes me the happiest guy ever