If you don't like someone, you shouldn't have sex with them.

I am confused about why you are having sex with him - is he attractive to you? Or is it some kind of peer pressure?

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be too nice.

No pressure of any sort. I'm not so sure about the attraction part (this is the main problem for me as well). We get along very well as friends just fine.

Friends with benefits = a bad idea.

It only ends up in a sticky situation. Plus, why waste your time doing that when you can find someone out there who you actually want to devote your full attention to?

Must agree that it is a bad idea. If you don't like him now, the emotions thats running through your body when your intimate with him will change your mind. Save yourself a heartache and stop now while your feelings aren't strong for him. You may just want a sexual relationship with him because a girl likes to be pleased too but, just think of it as you can get some from anyone so just wait on the one who means something to you and deserves it : )

you have a strong back bone or low self-worth but it also depend on the friend you make friends with benefits.