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Friend or foe?

Published on April 22, 2014 by bella31

I met this guy at the Store where I work. He was a customer, after a brief exchange and jokes he left with his purchase, only after shaking my hand and telling his friend about me, " I like her". I noticed he had a well known last name, so the next day I googled him and found out more about him through his Linkedin account. However, my stupidity caused my visit to his profile to be visible to him. Because of the items he purchased I had to follow up with him. When I called him he said hello beautiful and said that he would see me soon. That night he requested me to add him to my Linkedin profile. I did, two days later he sent me a message and asked for my phone number. I told him I was recently attached and thanked him for his interest, (a fib, I later did tell him that I am single). He responded that he could always use another friend to smile at when he was shopping or drinking wine, and that he was recently unattached and left his number.We communicated via linkedin for a couple of weeks. I invited him back to the store for one on one personal experience he happily made an appointment for three days later. He was charming and we had an enjoyable conversation,he told me what he did for a living and that he had a daughter, and asked me about different restaurants that he frequents, he even asked what kind of wine I liked. He purchased more products and gave me a $50.00 tip. (Our products are very high end). We continued to message via linkedin. I told him that if he wanted to visit the store that after April 16, that I would not be there for 3 months. He messaged me 2 days later apologizing and asked if I was leaving for training. I told him I had to have surgery on my ankle and the recovery time is 3 months. He said that he’d have to bring me ice cream while I recuperate. The next night at work I was bored and I called him on his cell phone. We chatted until I had a guest. I told him he could IM me so we did that for the rest of the day even though he was at a friend’s house. We messaged the next morning until I got into work and then I couldn’t receive or send IM messages because of the bad signal in the store so I just asked him what number to text him through. He sent me a picture of his yacht and said my seat was empty. We had a meet date the next day at my request because I had a day off and he had to leave town. We met at a favorite bakery of mine and it turned out to be his favorite too. When it was time to say goodbye he just gave me a pat on the back and made another appointment to come into my store and asked for 2 appointments . We do mini facials and massages and he wanted to come in on my last day of work. He came in we had a good time and he met his friend that was with him on the visit when we met. He tried to pay for the services but I didn’t let him. He gave me a $60 tip. All of this was two weeks ago and last week we had a dinner date. He gave me three choices of restaurants and gave me the option to have him pick me up, meet at the local shopping area or meet at the restaurant. We met at a shopping center and I rode with him in his car to the restaurant. He's told me he has a yacht and several cars, and he lives in an affluent area. I am in the lower middle income range, and he's 18 years older than me, I'm 31 he's 49. When we met at the shopping center he jumped out of his car and opened my car door, helped me get into his car. The date went well until I asked how long he had been divorced he didn't tell me and became evasive. He stated that he had one child, one marriage, and one divorce. Later, I made some statements about people that are racial prejudice ( I'm black, he's white)and how I don't like that. The restaurant is owned by his friend, and he knew a lot of people that were in the restaurant. We had a good time, I thought. When we returned to my car we talked briefly and then he gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. He didn't help with my door nor did he text me to see if I was home safe. He did however ask me for my full name and gave me his full name and the spelling of his middle name. I was scheduled to have surgery the next day on my ankle. He did send a text message to me before with best wishes saying that I'll come out perfect the way I am. I've sent text to him since and some of the messages haven't been responded to. I asked him when he was going to come visit me, he didn't answer (my recuperation time is approx 3 months before I can go back to work) He did tell me he had a very busy week last week, and he does travel a lot for work. He has told me several times that I’m very beautiful, he laughs a lot when we talk and text. He also told me he thanks that I would make a good mother, and that I’m very feminine. Does it sound like he likes me or did I get put into the friend zone, or does he want me to be one of many in a haram ?